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who is the one you blame

Who`s the one you blame (lyrics and music by Dimi Music)

Verse 1         

The promises you made                       

There wasn´t a debate                       

U made it up so well                       

U were living in your tale


And man I thought that´s it                       

But gold can´t look like shit                       

And as the fog turned dense                       

There was no other chance



If you could see your face now                       

You are a disgrace now                       

I know that you won´t change                       

Now who`s the one you blame                       

Yeah who´s the one you blame


Verse 2         

Yes man I did my best                       

But you thought I was a mess                       

At least I was myself                       

Not like you somebody else


Now I`m looking quiet amused

Now it`s you who`s getting used            

And that won´t be the last                       

I´m gonna have a blast







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