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When I was playing in France this summer somebody mentioned that the old album of mine "Simple things - the prologue" was not available in the stores and platforms anymore.

To be honest: I wasn't really paying attention and somehow the old distributor Zimbalam that I used to work with fineshed their services.

So I have now uploaded the album again through a different distributor and the album is back online in all major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and so on. You can find the direct links to Spotify and Apple here. And now you can use all tracks as well for Reels in Instagram and Facebook....

It is crazy to see that the first release of this album was back in 2014. Everything was recorded in my little studio up in Grindelwald / Switzerland.

Time is really moving fast like you can see in the picture below.

The photo was taken in Grindelwald in front of the Eiger when we were doing a video shooting for the song "What's going on" in the Mescalero at the Hotel Spinne. Back then I was still playing together with Bruno Zumbrunn behind the drums and Mr. Burns was still part of the Acoustic Leaves. If you haven't watched the video yet you should check it out on youtube here.

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Aktualisiert: 26. Sept. 2022

In the future you will find here Blog Posts with background information about the band Dimi Rogers and the other projects..

I might as well also write something about past journeys, records that I like and other stuff that might be of interest. Let's see what the future has in store for me here....

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