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System Marocaine (lyrics and music by Dimi Music)


Verse 1          

When the cockroach comes and your stomach hurts again

And U might have heard of Systeme Marocaine

When U feel ripped off like U are in Amsterdam

At least the Hash is cheap and it´s stronger man


When the cockroach comes and the aint is also there

And U run to the toilet pull the surfshorts that U wear

Man it smells so bad that U nearly have to puke

Even stronger than all animals on the souk



Systeme Marocaine

Good good system

Systeme Marocaine

Very good system


Verse 2

Yeah the cockroach comes and the fly is in your ear

And police stops U at airport Agadir

Dirham or cigarettes is all that U can hear

Not with me my friend I am out of here


When the cockroach comes and U´re on the camels´ back

And U ride on the beach screensaver for your Mac

And the man with argan tries to sell another time

Miel made at home but I don´t want it NEIN



Verse 5

When the cockroach comes and the dog is barking loud

And U try to stay calm but then U have to shout

But the god damn dog doesn´t get a fucking thing

Speak Berber man or maybe you should sing



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