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Rich (lyrics and music by Dimi Music)


Verse 1

After many weeks of slaving

I got the money to leave

 So I grab my surfboard, guitar, girl

 and a little weed

 Straight to the atlantic

 Let´s see what tomorrow brings

Stopping by, seing friends

and for sure a lot of drinks



My home is where the van is but the time just seem to vanish

We all got a little older but we cry on mothers shoulder

I grab another bee out of the fridge

It doesn´t take a lot to feel rich


Verse 2         

Finally we made it

the blue sea got me back

First gig Pura Vida

 blonde dutch chicks and a lot of sweat

Element called water

Boys my thumbs are up

4:20, jamming, fresh cold beer

and nobody´s in a rush




Verse 3         

4 weeks of sunshine now

the sky is oh so blue

little waves, Longboarddays

and at night a BBQ

It might not be forever

but I pretend it would be so

Drink some vine, enjoy the time

and always in the flow




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