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Ode to Ireland (lyrics and music by Dimi Music)


Verse 1          

Dublin, the Clearance and the templebar

 We didn`t see Bono just got pissed in his bar

Too much Guiness too much shots at the Brazen Head

A kebap and a fuck were the wishes he had

He didn`t get nothing cause he danced all night

Irish chicks went crazy for his sheep dance style

The only one who scored will remain in silence

Cause what happened in Ireland will stay in Ireland



We got stuck in Ireland

No ash in the sky man

When will I be home again

No ones leaving on no jet plane 

We got stuck in Ireland

Jameson and Pints man

Will I ever be home again

No ones leaving on no jet plane


Verse 2           

Foolin in Doolin after six hours boozing

From the east to the west Freddie was the best

Riding horses like Prince Charles through the irish mountain grass

The waves were pretty small I was scared that I would fall

Kim Possible made us laugh when she got the dope

It smelled like shit but we all had a smoke

So I got into the mood and I tried to learn the flut

But my hands were too shaky fuck that whisky and that lady




Verse 3

We were heading downsouth in the same old cab

This time not drunk cause Kim got quiet mad

The landscape flew by but we stopped at the cliffs

Where the fuck was Chrigl - he was drowning in shit

Kevin Doyles Brother lived near Rosslaire

In the hope for a ferry we got stranded there

So we just entered the ship and we knew that was it

Only one more night and I`ll see in France the sunrise


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