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dimi music just playing winter

Just playing (lyrics and music by Dimi Music)

Verse 1                   

Travelling the alps of France                       

Jamming with some different bands                       

You know how nights this can end                       

Ladies please give me a hand


When I arrived at Chamonix                       

I went straight to the MBC                       

I met this guy named Gerry B                       

I don´t know why he had to pick on me



Yeah me I´m just playing                       

Whatever I can                       

See the smokecloud coming                       

From my groovy old van                       

I wear a smile on my face                       

Which is honest and not full of hase                       

`Cause I love what I do – and so should you…


Verse 2                   

We met these lads who came from Spain                       

Their yayo made us go insane   

Hitting me like a freight train                   

And now it`s just me and my pain


After that I had to sleep for two days                       

I couldn´t keep up the pace                       

The lads left without any trace                       

And I´m back on my chase





Verse 3

I still have three months or so

A few other resorts to go

My money is always low

Fuck it let`s follow the snow


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