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B for bullshit (lyrics and music by Dimi Music)


You are filed under B for Bullshit

I never wanna have u back

I don´t get a tickle no tickle

From your nipples anymore

Verse 1

Damn that night why did I get so drunk

I can´t remember too much I was Mr. High on Skunk

I didn´t realize that U are just full of crap

 Don´t call no more to tell me U want me back


Verse 2

Don´t wanna think about and forget all things we did

I should have listened better all I saw was just your tits

It is funny how a man sees things at night

Sometimes it´s hard to tell what is wrong and what is right


Verse 3

Why did Ucome around to swear and call me dig

I had to trow U out I was feeling kind of sick

Now U greet no more and that is fucking cool

Think whatever U want for me U are a tool


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