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Right now we are recording the drums of the 9 chosen tracks of the new album.
The album will be released under the name Dimi Rogers & the other ones and called "Tragedy of simple things"....

Hi there friends: I know it has been a long time. But be asured I am still here working on the new album. Sometimes things take a little longer than expected.

In the meantime I have sorted out my youtube channel. Check it out here and listen to one of the songs from the next album that I have perfomed live in my little studio....

I hope you all had a wonderful chrismas.

If you like you can also follow us on Instagram now.

The production on the new album in my new studio has started and I am pretty sure that you will hear some new tunes at the beginning of the new year.

All the best for the coming year 2019!

It is finally coming out!
From the 19th of september the EP from Nice D&D "urban sounds from the countryside" will be available in online stores.

This week we will upload the first snips on this page and the full song on the swiss music portal MX3 !!!

After building up our new studio we are working on the recordings for the new Dimi & the acoustic leaves album.
But we are also having another project in progress.... So stay tuned!

Our artwork for Nice D&D is finally ready.... You can check it out on facebook or see some parts of it here

I have been working on the homepage a little and I hope you like it.

I had a busy year dealing with a lot different things. But finally I am sitting in the studio again and starting the recordings for a new Dimi & the acoustic leaves album.

In the meantime we maged to finish the electric project Nice D&D and we will be released it in early spring. All artwork is about to be ready and we will soon start with the video production.

The first snips of the sounds will be out very very soon!

Happy new year!

I hope you all had a blast!

We are still alive and starting to begin the recordings on the next album of Dimi & the acoustic leaves. The simple things have to carry on.

Thanks Petr for the nice video. Filmed at the Avocado Bar in Grindelwald. Have a look in the video section....

What a unvelievable night at the Avocado Bar! Check out some pictures here!

Come and join our gig on Friday the 11th at the Barracuda Bar in Interlaken. More info under "in concert"....

Some think we are lazy but we aren't...just too busy!

Like you see we brought our homepage alive with a new look and finally also with a mobile solution. Some pages are still under reconstruction but we are getting there.

The NIce D&D project is nearly getting ready and I hope we can release the EP in early summer. You will soon have the chance to listen to some sounds....

Meanwhile the acoustic leaves are back in the studio jamming. Bruno is finally back on his drums and we will play a few little gigs. 

Studio is moved. Some of us have moved. Good summer=busy summer. But we are still here and friday back on stage at the Evergrin Festival.....

At the moment we are not playing gigs as we are moving our little studio. But more gigs for the summer are planned and about to get announced!

Unfortunately Chamonix got cancelled. But in march we will be on the 10th & 12th in Arosa, on the 14th in Gstaad, the 15th in Grindelwald and on the 21st in Interlaken. More details....

Time to get out again. We can't wait!

More gigs are lined up. Stay updated and have a look here......

Thanks for the great night at the Espresso Bar. The first pics are online in the gallery!!

We are looking forward playing at Meiringen on Thursday.

We are planning a little tour in march going to play at Interlaken, Chamonix, Arosa, Gstad and more. Info will follow soon....

Happy new year! We hope you had a great night... All the best for 2015!

Thank you Fritz Lehmann from the Berner Oberländer newspaper for the nice review. Read more here!

The pictures from the release party are online. Have a look in the gallery.....

Did you check out the new video "What's going on" already?
A big thank to my japanese friend Yuji who made it possible!!!

Pics from the release party will be tomorrow in the gallery....

What a party yesterday. Thanks everybody......

All songs are available in all online stores now. Click here to listen....

One more week and it's time to party. If you want to hear the full version of the song "What's going on" you can do it here!!!

The video to the song will be shown at the Avocado Bar next Thursday at our pre-release party....

Only two more weeks and the album is out!!!

If you are curious and you wanna know what it sounds like you can be the first: Listen here.....

The plans for the release party are sorted out. We gonna have a pre-relase party for the album "simple things - the prologue" at the Avocado Bar in Grindelwald on the 11th of december.
It will be also the video premier of the song "What's going on". Snacks, Dj Nice-D and much more....

The first gigs for the next year are also lined up and there will be more to come. Check in concert to find out where we will be playing!

The cover is ready and you can download it in the pressroom if you like....

The release will be on the 12th of december and for sure we will have a nice release party. More info will follow!

Some pictures of the album covershooting are already in the gallery...

It is done! We managed to shoot the perfect pictures for the cover art work. A big big thank you to Mika for spending the whole day in the rain with me.

The exact date of the release will be anounced very soon. Mid december it will be finally there!!!

Very very soon the album "simple things - the prologue" gonna be available in all online stores. We are just finishing the cover art work and then you can finally get the latest sounds.

At the moment I'm working together with Nice D on an electric project. After having so much fun creating new sounds together we decided to bring out an EP in the beginning of next year.
Very soon you can hear some sound samples. Check out more info under nice d&d!

Yes the album will be out later. We were just not too happy with the result of one song as all the others were sounding so great.

We will re-record the song and with everything the plan is to bring it out July/August.... But it's coming.....

Peter Mountainsurf feat. the Wicki Brothers won the Eiger Film Festival!
Speedflying at its best....

Your first chance to listen to some of the new sounds is here!!!

Tomorrow you will hear the first sounds of the coming album at the Eiger Film Festival!

A little later you will hear and see here....

Thanks again for the nice gig at the Preso.... Felt like the good old times.

Some pics are on facebook and some more will be in the gallery soon.

Finally we are back! After a long period of recording and producing we will play our first live gig again. Back to the roots means back to good old Espresso Bar.

Unfortunately Roger can't join us as he is in Algeria but back to the roots means also back to acoustic.... See you sunday!

You got all the new years and christmas wishes already on facebook and so it was a bit quieter here.

Yesterday we did the last editing on the video and Mr Burns is doing the final mastering bits. But we want to have enough time to be really happy with the results and that's why the release will be a little later than planned.

It looks like it will become march.... But: Good things come to those who wait.

The pics from the video shoot last sunday are in the gallery now.

Thanks to everyone who turned up! A super big thank to the filmcrew of Yushi.... You rock!

The video to the song "What's going on" should be coming out in january.

Tomorrow night we will be filming the video of the song "What's going on". If you are around Switzerland and you wanna join then check out our facebook page to find out more.....

We have reached the final stage of the recordings. Now we began to master the sound which will take some more while. The goal is to come out with the album in autumn. Within the next weeks I will upload the first songs.....

There are a lot of new and old pictures in the gallery. I know there are still some pics from last year missing and no pictures so far this year but: They are on the way.....

We finished the recordings of the drums for "next stop Byron Bay". The new version is online under sounds.....

A big thank to Bruno for taking so much time with me in the studio!

I managed to reorganise the gallery. Not everything is online yet but I am working hard on it....

Under "sounds" you can see already what is a about to come.
As some songs still need some mixing you have to wait a little longer to hear the results.

Also I am still waiting for Roger to come back from his journey to record the bass on "farmergirl".

It might be a bit late but I wish you a happy new year and it comes together with a happy Easter!!!

I know there were no news for a really long time but the reason was clear: Recordings!

I am working hard to finish my songs in my little studio and it is coming good. I guess it will be just a few weeks until I will upload the first new tunes.

That is also why I divided the category "sounds" in two categories. The older stuff is still available under the subcategory "Demos 2010".

So stay tuned: The new sounds of Dimi are on its way...

The last days I have been sitting for hours to mix the recordings for "Next stop Byron Bay". But I think the time was worth sitting...

Check out the latest recording of an old song of mine called "Next stop Byron Bay" which I wrote a long time ago in Australia.

A big big thank goes to Mr. Burns (guitar) and Roger (bass) for the incredible input!!! Thanks for doing this stuff for me....

Here we go! The next song is online. Check out "One way street" under sounds. A acoustic demo version with a briliant second voice thanks to Carole!!!

I won`t be playing any gigs until the middle of next year as I want to concentrate on my recordings at the moment...

Believe it or not: I managed to finish the recordings of the demo "B for bullshit". Everything recorded and mixed in my little studio. I hope you enjoy the new tunes.

Big thanks to Roger who played the bass and Bruno who was playing the cuica and the cajon. I was playing everything else on this recording - even the keyboards which was pretty new for me... I hope you like it!

New recordings are on the way so check out the "sounds" more often. I promise there won`t be a long break until a new song is online.

On monday I will play with Bruno and Roger a little gig at the Balmers Tent in Interlaken. Come around and have some fun with us!

Again no news for a long time means I`ve been really busy.....

But the pics from the gigs this year should be online very soon. As well as the first recordings.......

Where is Burns? Somewhere in India. As we still don't have a sign of him we decided to cancel the band gig on the 6th of April.

BUT - I will play a little solo gig at the Espresso Bar on Sunday the 8th of April......

It has been a long time since I wrote the last news. Lots of things happened. Unfortunately I goot injured when I was paragliding. Now I am all good again but I had to snowboard a lot as the snow is unbelievable good this year.

The recordings are on hold as our guitar player decided to travel around the world for a while. At the moment he is in India. I hope he gets some discount.

Next Sunday will be the first open mic session in the Preso bar this season and it looks like it should become a funny night.

I am about to finish some acoustic recordings which will be soon available as free download under sounds.

Good for now! I promise to keep you more updated.......

Back to the roots! On the 22nd of october I will play a solo unplugged gig at the Avocado Bar at Grindelwald. As it is the last night before Alex will leave to OZ for a while it should become a pretty nasty night. A good reason to show up and raise one or two glasses with us.....

We finally made the decission to record the new songs on our own. This is one of the reasons why we didn't perform a lot of shows at the moment. But as we propably should be ready with it in february we will play gigs again in spring....

Yes, yes, yes - we are useless! Check for yourself the gallery and believe it or not: Some of the Saanen pictures are online.

And if you think you can't surf in Switzerland: You are wrong! The proof is also in the gallery.

YES - I did it! I got my paragliding license and now I am officially allowed to fly when and wherever I want. If you see the dimi-music wing in the air then better watch your head....

It's unbelievable: We managed to get more pictures online.....
Check them out in the gallery!

What a nice festival at Saanen. Thanks a lot for the good support. We enjoyed it and we hope to join the festival once again.

Unfortunately there are still some pics in the gallery missing but we are working on it!

Unfortunately we did not make it to the final round of the Emergenza Festival but we like to congratulate the winning bands.....
As well we like to thank everybody who came and supported us!

Sorry that the pics from the last gigs are not online yet but we were really busy. We promise that they will be online until next weekend!

New shows are planned and will be anounced pretty soon. Keep informed under 'in concert'.

Here we go. The pictures from Bern are uploaded.

By the way: At the 2nd round of the Emergenza Festival on the 15th of April we will organize a bus again. Anyone who is interested to join us feel free to mail us....

Thank you very much Kenni! There are new pics from our band weekend a few weeks ago online as well as the pics from our gig at the Mescalero in Grindelwald. This is only possible because Kenni never gives up taking pictures....

The pictures from our gig at Bern will be online within the next days. Guess who was taking the pics???

Crazy night yesterday at the Gaskessel. Thanks a lot for the great support. We qualified for the next round and so we will play again at the Gaskessel on the 15th of April. We hope that we can count on our crowd again.

Thanks a lot for the votes. We entered the 22nd place out of more than 400 bands. But unfortunately we were not chosen to enter the round of the last eight bands. Anyways: Thank you!

The pics of our band weekend and the pics of the last gig at Mescalero gonna be online very soon....

Today is the last chance to vote for us. If you have time go to www.waldbuehne.ch and make your vote. We might play on this years Gurten Festival....

For sure we will play tomorrow at the Mescalero. For the first time with our new drummer and a few new tunes.

The voting is on! So please help us by clicking the "Vote for us now" banner on the main page and get us on stage of the Gurtenfestival!

We are joinig this years Emergenza festival contest. The first round will be on the 4th of March at Bern in the "Gaskessel". As we need a lot of support we will organize a bus and hope that a lot of people are coming to get us into the next round. More info will follow as soon as possible.

Please help us to play on this years Gurtenfestival by voting for us!!! The voting starts on the 25th of january. Just go on the startpage and click the "Vote for us now!" banner and you might get us on stage of the Gurten.

After weeks of working I finally managed to finish my works on my little studio. The first visitors have been there already. Find a few pictures in the gallery and check out Patrick on www.myspace.com/paddykellymusic ! I'm pretty sure that you will hear a lot of him in the future....

I hope you all had a blast on new years eve.
We wish you all the best for the coming year!

We are working hard on our new programm and plans for the new year. The recordings take a bit longer but they are coming good. As well we are planning to come to Germany for a few days. The first gigs should be confirmed in february.

After a long period our drummer Tom has decided to make a change. He is taking part in some other projects and won't have that much time anymore. I like to thank Tom for his help within the last years and he will always remain a member of the crew!

Herewith we present you our new drummer Simu (anothers Swiss guy from the Bernese Oberland) who joins the band. Find a picture of him in the gallery.

As we have to practice and record there won't be any shows until february next year. But then it will be big!!!! Plus you will hear some new tunes on the page by the end of this year.

Unfortunately I had to cancel the gig in Cologne as I injured myself. I am really sorry but we are already organizing the gigs for next year and for sure we will also come to Cologne....

We are very sorry for the delay. The pictures from our gig at the Strassenfest Grindelwald are in the gallery now.

GREAT! The song "just playing" was played already on backstage radio. Thanks a lot!
Check it out on mx3....You will find the link to the page in our linklist.

In the "pressroom" you can dowload all info about Dimi as a pdf now. There is a german, english and a french version (oui oui) available.
If you are wondering that we are not playing a lot of gigs at the moment - the answer is pretty simple: We are still recording a lot of stuff but for sure we will play some more gigs this winter.
Maybe also a very good reason to come and see us on the 11th of august in Grindelwald...

Yes! We have been working hard. Especially Mr. Burns who was sitting and mixing while it was like 50 degrees in his studio.
Check it out under sounds and download "Jump into the ocean" for free. I guess the right tune for the summer!

I am pretty happy that a song of mine was chosen for an audiobook. Check out the link "zeitreisende surfer" in the linklist and have a listen....

Find some impressions from my Ireland and Portugal trip in the gallery now. While I was away the band was working on the demos. Soon we will present the fresh recorded stuff...

After I got stuck in Ireland I finally made my way through the vulcano ash to Portugal. I will upload some pics of both trips within the next days. Unfortunately there was a sound problem with "Jump into the ocean". The song will be on the page again a.s.a.p.!

Here we go: The demoversion of "Jump into the ocean" is online and ready to be downloaded. Have fun with it and spread the word....

Kennis pics are now online. Unfortunately there is a problem with the brightness in the gallery. I`m working on it and the problem should be solved pretty soon.

What a fantastic night yesterday. Thanks a lot for the great support - especially the grindelwald connection. Thumbs up for Tinu and the whole El Camino crew. There are already some pics in the gallery. Kennis pics will follow within the next days.

The link page is online. Check it out and don`t forget that we are playing tomorrow!!!


Another song is online. You will find a nice demoversion of "Rich" under sounds. The right sound for the summer if you want. Download the song for free!!!!! But don`t forget to tell your friends where you got it from.....


Today I added the new category "lyrics" onto the homepage. You can download all lyrics by clicking on each title. At the moment you will find just one link to download but for sure there are a lot more to come!


The first gig with the new band will be on the 26th of March at the El Camino in Thun. The right place to start it all over again.....


Here it is: the new home of dimi-music.

I know it took a while but it needed its time. For whatever reasons that we don`t wanna discuss anymore.... Some call it music business.

At least I learned and moved on and one story really helped me a lot in that time.
A few years ago I met a guy in the water surfing at Contis Plage. He was from London and we two were the only one in the water. We started talking and he said that he is doing music as well and living of it. And he said: "The only one who fails, is the one who gives up."

I didn`t give up!

Finally I found some guys who have the same spirit about what they are doing. Maybe some things are meant the way they go. I`m just happy to be myself again and play the songs that I wrote as well as recording them. I hope you gonna like it....